The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP)


Diversity-Oriented Statistics Reports

This project aims at producing simple, relevant reports for making broad conclusions about the network diversity of the public Tor relay network, based on the new JSON Statistics Data put out by the Tor Project. While primarily providing a glance at the Tor network’s current state, some may find it useful for presentations or static, snapshots of Tor.

This work is based on the simple Quick and Dirty Statistics scripts that gman999 wrote over a year ago. We intend to move forward based on the new raw statistics to provide a view of various diversity-oriented metrics over various periods of time. This is easier now because OnionOO can provide us with historical data over a few useful time slices For instance, we can get consensus weight over the last week, three weeks, month, or year.

TDP focuses primarily on operating system diversity, specifically as related to BSD Unix, but such diversity applies to more than just number of relays by operating system. Other considerations are important, such as average bandwidth per relay by operating system, Autonomous System, and so on.

Current Reports

Our current reports are simple point-in-time snapshots. We are working on producing reports in historical context, e.g. over the last year, month, week. You can check out the scripts we wrote to produce the reports; please feel free to open tickets in the GH Issue tracker if you find problems or have patches.

The reports are updated nightly from cron.

Relay Reports

Bridge Reports

Updated on 2020–11–12

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