The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP)


TDP Seeks Funding Support

The Tor BSD Diversity Project is looking for support through grants, hardware donations or other mediums.

TDP launched in March 2015, and works to strengthen the Tor public anonymity network by increasing operating system diversity with the BSD Unix.

Since our beginnings, TDP successfully achieved a number of significant milestones:

TDP already has a proven track record as a project. But TDP wants to do more. Each and every one of our accomplishments is only a first step in a larger set of goals.

We aren’t limiting TDP to those goals. TDP is a dynamic project aiming to adjust to any opportunity to strengthen the Tor network. TDP has a track record and a trajectory of moving forward.

TDP is proud of the accomplishments so far, but more resources are needed to grow and deepen the project.

Please contact TDP if interested in assisting our efforts to allow us to continue the current objectives, and to expand them.

Updated on 2017–09–03

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